MSNBC host and former Republican Congressman Dana Perino explains how the “culture bound syndrome” is causing a lot of the social and economic issues plaguing our country.

Perino joins Joy Reid to discuss the epidemic of cultural appropriation and how it’s causing social unrest in this country.

“The culture bound,” as Perino says, is a phenomenon where people become very, very, highly attached to certain things.

Perry goes on to describe the “cultured” culture as “a thing that comes to us in very large doses, and it is like a virus that infects us.

And it is very hard to get rid of.

And if you get rid the culture is so strong, it will just spread everywhere.”

Perino then goes on a rant about how the cultural left has a “culture war on its hands.”

Perino also points out that the “cultural left” is so “diverse,” there are people on the right who are “racist and sexist and homophobic.”

Perry and Reid discuss the “diversity problem,” a “cultural entitlement problem,” and how there is no such thing as “racism” on the left.

Perrios points out how the culture war is not about race but “gender and sexuality,” which is why “they are attacking women for not wearing skirts.”

Perrio also talks about the “gendered entitlement problem” that has been plaguing the United States for decades.

Perries focus on the fact that a lot people on either side of the culture wars are “playing victim,” and this has created “a kind of social vacuum that we are now in.”

Perris points out “there are no rules, just rules that people set up around themselves,” and “they get to say, I can wear whatever skirt I want, I have the right to wear whatever makeup I want.”

Perries discussion of the “gender entitlement problem comes after Reid says “the culture wars, the culture bound mentality, are really a problem that we have to grapple with in a way that we can’t solve the social problems without actually changing the culture.

“Perrin says “we are at a time where the country is being turned on its head by this,” and she is right.

We’re living in a “fiery moment.”

Perreys “culture bender” is “an incredible and unprecedented moment in our country’s history,” and we’re all on the wrong side of it.

Perrin joins Reid to talk about the importance of education, as well as how the country needs to take a more “open-minded” stance.

Perrios piece about the role of education in “changing culture” comes after the segment “the media is going to get us all killed.”

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