The cultural aspects of marijuana culture, as defined by the Association of American Indian Studies, are often seen as more diverse and inclusive than those of the more traditional cannabis culture.

The term “cultural awareness” is a term that has been used by many cannabis culture scholars to define the cannabis culture in the United States, including the people who use the plant.

Culture studies professor John Lacy, an associate professor of history at the University of Arizona, said the term was coined by sociologist Richard Landman in the 1960s.

Lacy said in an interview that cultural awareness is often viewed as an extension of a person’s cultural identity and identity of “their culture” and the individual’s ability to express themselves in ways that are relevant to that cultural identity.

In a statement to ABC News, Lacy said the association of the two concepts was intended to clarify that the cultural identity of a cannabis user does not automatically determine whether they are in a cannabis culture, but is a valuable component of understanding their cultural background.

“It is important to acknowledge that a cannabis usage does not mean that a person is a member of a culture,” Lacy wrote in the statement.

“Rather, it means that a user is in a culturally different setting that is culturally distinct from that in which the user lives and works.

The term cultural awareness refers to the extent to which a user’s culture is recognized as relevant by the community.”

The association’s guidelines say that the term cultural consciousness can be used to describe a person who is able to understand their own culture and have access to other perspectives, while also expressing a certain level of awareness.

The association said it is important that it is understood that the meaning of cultural awareness varies by culture, and that it has not been defined in the manner that it was in the past.

The Association of Indian Studies defines the term as:The American Indian, Native, Native American and Alaskan peoples all have a distinctive and important culture and are often referred to as a culture.

They have a unique language, an extremely deep understanding of nature, the ability to adapt to the changing climate and are known for their knowledge of their land, history and cultural heritage.

The American Indians and Native American peoples are often described as being the most culturally diverse groups in the country.

They represent a diverse array of ethnicities and cultures, as well as having distinctive traditions and beliefs that have shaped their understanding of society.

The group’s website says the group believes that the American Indian and Native Americans are the most successful people in the world because of their unique cultural identity, and the power they hold to shape the world around them.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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