Stephen Lang, a Canadian writer who lives in Toronto, has lost his family in a fire in Canada.

He says he’s “absolutely devastated” by the loss of his wife, daughter, son and sister.

“My daughter’s in the hospital and my son’s in hospital.

I lost all three of my sons in a single fire in our house,” he told CBC News.

The family was celebrating the birthday of their son at a friend’s house on Thursday.

“My wife, she’s been at home with him all day, she just went to bed.

He’s sleeping with his head on my shoulder and I’m crying.

My wife’s in bed,” Lang said.”

It’s a very sad and devastating situation.”

Lang said his wife was “really a loving person” and his daughter was a loving child.

He said they were friends and neighbours.

“Our family is in a good place,” he said.

“Our kids are doing well and my wife is doing well.

My daughter has been up with the family and is doing really well.”

Langs parents were a couple of generations apart and the family lived in a very small, one-room house in Etobicoke.

His mother, Ann Lang, died in 2002 and his father, John, died two years later.

He said they’d never experienced fire before.

“I think my wife was a pretty calm person.

She was a very calm person,” he recalled.”

She was always doing her homework and her kids were doing their homework, her husband was doing his homework.””

She would take her children out to eat and her husband would take his kids out to play.

I was there every day.

We had a nice life.”

The house, which had a garage, a dining room and a kitchenette, was in good condition, he said, but was filled with smoke.

“We had some smoke damage.

We’d had it on a previous occasion and we had it in our living room, so we were very concerned,” he explained.”

I think it’s a pretty serious situation.”

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