We’ve been conditioned to associate Asian culture with its exotic, exoticized and foreign elements, but the reality is that these cultures are deeply rooted in the human psyche and can be traced back centuries.

They are, in short, not as exotic or foreign as you might think.

Learn about Asian culture and art, and you’ll be able to recognize and relate to its unique beauty and unique richness.


Do You Know A Lot?

We know a lot.

Asian Americans have been making history in the arts for decades.

There is no shortage of talented, culturally-savvy artists who have helped push Asian Americans to their present place of prominence.

Asian American artist Emily K. Lee’s acclaimed artworks are celebrated as “a symbol of hope” and “a beacon of hope.”

Lee’s work has appeared in numerous art magazines, and she’s been recognized as a winner of the American Academy of Arts and Letters’ Art of Asian Americans Award for Contemporary Art.

A handful of Korean-American artists, like Kwon Ji-hoon and Yoon Jang-ho, have made significant contributions to Asian American art.

Korean-Americans, who have historically had a disproportionate share of the Asian American population, have been the primary focus of the Arts and Humanities Curriculum for decades, and Lee has been a prominent voice for the topic.

While it’s easy to think of Asian American artists as simply Asian American people, Lee has often been the first person to call out Asian Americans in her work.

She’s also one of the few artists who has made an effort to present Asian Americans as an intercultural presence, rather than a single group.


What Are Some Examples Of Cultural Practices That Are Common In Asian American Art?

Aesthetic and stylistic elements.

The use of Asian motifs and styles.

The art of drawing, painting, sculpture and photography.

The “Asianness” of Asian people.

The appropriation of Asian art and culture, and the representation of Asian characters.

A history of Asian-American art, music, literature, film and fashion.


How Do You Learn About Asian Cultures?

There are a handful of resources online that are geared toward teaching students about Asian cultures, but they’re generally short and often not worth the effort.

If you’re interested in Asian cultures in general, and Asian American cultures in particular, it can be helpful to take some time to get a better grasp of them.

You’ll be more than likely be able, in time, to develop your own personal cultural knowledge and appreciation.

You will be able understand the ways in which Asian American culture reflects the diversity of our cultures, and how the history of the different cultures have been intertwined.

In the meantime, you’ll learn how to interpret the cultural practices and ideas that you’re exposed to, and to connect with your own cultural roots.

It’s worth noting that not every culture or culture has been as well-documented as the ones listed above, and there are a few cultural practices that are not well documented.

You should also be aware that cultural and ethnic identities are often fluid, and can change over time.

Some cultures are more prominent than others, and some cultures may adopt certain ideas and practices that may not be accepted by others.

As such, there’s no guarantee that you’ll come away with a full understanding of the culture you’re learning about.

That said, we hope that this article can help you learn more about Asian American arts, culture, history and traditions.

Do you know a bunch of things about Asian art that you didn’t know before?

Have you discovered a cool Asian culture or art practice that you can share?

Share your knowledge with us by sharing in the comments section below.

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