Christian cultural center at New Delhi’s Uruvainam is celebrating the first anniversary of the launch of the World Day of the Buddha, and its members say they are in awe of the devotion of a young Buddhist man who has been living in India for five years.

The man, named Ramesh, is the grandson of a Buddhist monk and has become a Buddhist pilgrim since coming to India from Bangladesh, where he has been attending Christian schools for the past five years to be with his family.

“It is a miracle.

It’s the only time I’ve been to the Uruvaam,” said Ramesham.

“I don’t know how he does it.

He’s the most important person I know.

I am not a Buddhist but I am a devout person.

My life is very good.””

I was thinking about all the miracles we have here,” he added.

“We are trying to spread a positive image of the religion and to do good.

I have seen the change that has happened.

I’m thankful to be able to see the positive side of Buddhism.”

The people who come here to meet the Buddha have become a part of my life.

“Ramesham said that when he first came to India, he didn’t know that there was such a thing as a Buddhist temple.

He only met a monk in the city of Amritsar and that was only after he visited Uruvanam, the holiest Buddhist shrine in the world.”

I saw him and he was very kind and humble.

When I met him I thought he was just a monk.

I was very grateful to have met him. “

The first time I went to the temple was with my wife and I asked him to teach me about Buddhism.

I was very grateful to have met him.

He is very humble.

He just gave me a hand.

I never thought I would meet such a person.”

The Uruvas have the highest concentration of Buddhist monks in the country and have hosted some of the country’s biggest religious celebrations.

On Thursday, the Urupachaya Temple in New Delhi hosted the Buddhist Mass of the Faithful, with the crowd of 500 chanting prayers and hymns to the Dalai Lama.

The World Day for the Buddha was launched in 2014 to honour the life of the founder of the Buddhist faith, the 19th century Nobel Peace Prize winner.

The event is celebrated on April 11.

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