The culture of Mexico City is known for its food culture and is renowned for its fine food, cuisine and craftsmanship.

However, the capital of Mexico, with a population of more than 12 million people, has been known to struggle with poverty.

The city is home to many businesses that employ many migrants and their families, and many of them struggle with chronic food insecurity and low income.

Many of the migrants and the families who live in these homes have also struggled with chronic unemployment.

In addition, Mexico City has struggled with the loss of its traditional ethnic and cultural identity.

This has meant that many migrants who have been living in Mexico have felt alienated and alienated from their own communities, and their work and cultural life has also been impacted. 

The International Centre for Research on the Poor (ICRP) has been conducting a series of studies in Mexico over the past several years to explore the social, economic and cultural impact of migration and poverty on Mexicans and their descendants.

The first of these studies, Culture of Poverty in Mexico, has been published in May 2018, and examines the impact of social exclusion and migration on the lives of Mexicans and Mexican-descended descendants.

The first study, which looked at the effects of social isolation and migration for migrants and Mexican descendants in Mexico between 2003 and 2014, found that the number of Mexicans who report being unemployed or living in poverty decreased significantly from 2014 to 2019, while the number who report having experienced unemployment increased.

The authors also found that people who reported being unemployed were more likely to report experiencing poverty, as well as experiencing poorer health and more physical and mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression.

The study concluded that “Mexicans who were forced out of Mexico during the Second World War were more than twice as likely as those who had stayed in Mexico to report that they were economically dependent on others, and more than three times as likely to be living in extreme poverty”.

The second study, The Changing Face of Mexico’s Migrants: Exploring the Effects of Migration and Poverty on Mexican-Descended Children in the First Five Years of Their Lives, was published in October 2018 and analysed the impact that social exclusion has on children who are born in Mexico and their relatives, both of whom are born outside of the country.

The researchers found that “the presence of immigrants and their children has a strong impact on their economic and social development in adulthood”.

The researchers found “that immigrants and children who have lived in Mexico for a long time, including their parents, grandparents and other relatives, experience negative outcomes when they are in school, when they start to work and when they have a job.

These effects persist even when the immigrant has been educated and when their income is high, suggesting that immigration has a negative impact on the economic and psychological well-being of Mexican children”.

According to the authors, the study “suggests that social inequality and its impact on children’s well-to-do and poor lives are the result of a combination of the factors of migration, social exclusion, and social exclusion in the families of immigrants”.

It is also important to note that “when children are born, their social networks and their experiences of life are formed at an early age, and that is reflected in their development of the skills, capacities and abilities they develop in later life”.

In their paper, the authors noted that while the effects are significant, the impact on social inequality is far greater.

“The positive social effects of migration may outweigh the negative effects of poverty,” they wrote.

“Migration may provide an opportunity for migrants to experience social enrichment in their communities, but these gains are likely to fade over time.

In the meantime, children who grow up in immigrant families are likely, if they choose to return to their own countries, to experience more social exclusion”.

The study was funded by the European Union, the European Commission and the International Centre on Research on Poverty (ICRPP).

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