Culture Amp: Results of the first Urinary Culture Amp test are in.

It was conducted on a sample of urine taken from a patient undergoing a vasectomy.

The test results, released by the Australian Federal Police, show the test produced a positive result for a strain of bacteria called the Bacteroidetes, the same strain which was found in the urine of a patient who had a vasectomies.

But there were some interesting differences between the two tests.

For one, the test also showed the strain of Bacteroids in the sample was higher in urine of patients who had the vasectomy procedure than in urine from those who had not had a surgery.

That’s the case for the bacteria which caused the infection in the first place.

In a statement, the AFP said the results were important because they showed that while the bacterium which caused infections in the vasectomy patients was prevalent, the strain which caused infection in patients undergoing vasectomy was much less prevalent.

“The AFP understands that the test results from this test are important because of the way in which they compare the results of other tests of bacterial strain in the same patient, which were all performed at the same time,” the statement read.

“These results may provide a clearer picture of the degree of infection caused by the bacteria and how it spreads between people who are infected with the bacteria.

As such, we are working with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare to provide further details.”

The AFP has been in contact with the patient who received the test and will keep an eye on the results.

There are two main ways in which the bacteria can be passed from person to person.

One is through direct contact, when a person eats or drinks something which contains the bacteria or has contaminated food or water.

Another is via urine, which is typically collected in a toilet.

While the urine test may not have found any contamination, it could provide some further insight into how the bacteria spread between people.


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