In the coming years, it will be crucial for Americans to become more engaged in the political process.

It will be important to make sure the new government gets a handle on immigration.

It is critical for Americans in every part of the country to feel safe and respected.

And it is important to understand why we have an election in the first place.

The United States has long been a nation of immigrants.

Many Americans of every ethnic group have moved here.

We’ve been a beacon of hope and opportunity.

We have a rich history of immigrants who came here in search of freedom, equality and opportunity, and who brought those ideals with them.

In the last decade, many Americans have been discouraged from voting.

They fear the impact of immigration and fear the political consequences of not participating.

But it is possible to overcome those barriers.

We know that we can and we will make it easier for Americans who feel disenfranchised to vote.

That is why we are hosting a forum on immigration in Washington, D.C., next week.

It’s also why we invite you to join us to hear what we are learning from our community and hear the stories of immigrants from around the country.

The first question you will ask is, what does it mean to be a Canadian?

The first thing that Canadians want to know is why do we live here?

They also want to see how we view each other.

So we will answer your questions.

The second thing that Americans want to do is look at what we have to offer.

The first thing they want to hear is how are we doing?

And the second thing they are really interested in is what are you doing to make our lives better?

And if we are doing well, what are we not doing well?

So you will hear both.

Next Tuesday, we will be speaking with local members of Congress.

They are all looking to pass legislation that will strengthen protections for the immigrant and their families.

We also will be highlighting the work of immigrants across the country who are working to improve our lives.

And we will have a series of events to share our vision of a better America.

The immigration debate is just one part of what is at stake for the future of our country.

We face a lot of challenges, but we are confident that our collective strength and resilience will continue to keep us moving forward.

We are proud to represent Canadians around the world.

It has been a privilege to serve this country, and we look forward to serving you.

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