Mashable, a content delivery platform for the media industry, has created a new survey to answer these questions.

According to Mashable , students in the US and Canada will be able to choose from three options: 1.

a classroom that is culturally responsive, where students are taught in a way that they are familiar with and relate to the cultural setting in which they are learning.


a class that is traditional and traditional learning, where the students learn from their parents and their teachers.


a traditional classroom where the class is a reflection of the community in which the class was taught.

The survey is open to students who are at least 18 years old.

As Mashable points out, traditional and cultural learning are not mutually exclusive.

Traditional teaching methods are better for students who have difficulty understanding the context and structure of a cultural setting.

Traditional learning can be especially beneficial for students from different cultural backgrounds, including those who are ethnically or linguistically different from the students’ classmates.

The survey also asks students about the quality of teaching, and how teachers respond to questions such as how to use social media, when and how to make students feel comfortable talking about their cultural identities, and what kinds of tools and resources students need to support their learning.

If students can find and implement the three options that meet their cultural preferences, they’ll be able use the survey to determine how well they’re doing in their classrooms.

But if they can’t, the survey will suggest ways for them to improve.

According the Mashable report, traditional teaching methods may be more effective for students, as they allow students to build a solid understanding of the context in which a class is being taught.

Traditional classroom techniques may also help students with cognitive and emotional disabilities, as well as students who need support in developing their academic and professional skills.

The traditional classroom can also help those who have been culturally excluded or underrepresented.

According a 2016 study by the University of Washington, over half of black students who attended traditional school in their native communities were not able to attend a college-level institution in their home communities.

The study also found that the percentage of students with disabilities in traditional schools decreased with increasing grade point average, and that this decrease was even more pronounced for students with learning disabilities.

This trend is also reflected in the lack of diversity in traditional classrooms.

According to the study, black students at traditional schools had an average GPA of 3.5 in math and 4.1 in reading.

For traditional classrooms, students need support, but this doesn’t mean they have to be perfect.

According Mashable’s survey, there are several tools that students can use to help support their academic, professional, and social development, including: 1) using social media to discuss and understand their culture.

2) reading, listening, and speaking to teachers about the culture in which their class is taught.

3) having a social circle, group, or group of friends that support and support students in their learning and academic endeavors.

4) attending events or events with the purpose of learning more about your culture and its history.

5) creating a social network of students who can discuss their own experiences.

6) participating in a mentorship program or group.

7) participating on a cultural resource or cultural event.8) taking a class with an academic advisor.

9) taking classes in the middle of the night.

The Mashable survey suggests these are the ways students can improve their learning experience.

In addition to the survey, students can also use the tools listed in the survey.

Students should note that while these strategies are helpful, students are also free to choose any one of these options.

The full survey can be found here:

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