Aussie comedy legend Dave Chappelle says he was “harassed” by the US media and has been threatened by a number of outlets in recent months.

The comedian, who is from Brisbane, has written an open letter to the US Media Watch Foundation, which aims to protect free speech online, and urged his fans to read it.

“We are here to say to the American Media Watch foundation: You are not the only media group who is afraid of the people you represent,” Mr Chappell said.

“Your people do not understand how much we love comedy, they just want to get their facts straight and make sure we get our point across.”

Mr Chapell, who was born in Sydney and grew up in the United States, said he was subjected to “fear, hatred and harassment” from American media.

“They have threatened me with being deported and with being physically attacked by people in uniform,” Mr Karp said.

He also criticised US media outlets for “disliking the fact that I am a white American”.

The actor and comedian said the US Government “needs to stop censoring the internet” and instead support free speech.

“It is time for the United Nations to put their weight behind the internet.

If it is too late to stop the internet censoring themselves, then they need to get to work on it.”

If the United Kingdom is so scared of the internet, why aren’t the US and UK governments afraid of it?

The letter has been signed by more than 100 celebrities and comedians. “

What they are doing is to destroy the free speech in America,” he said.

The letter has been signed by more than 100 celebrities and comedians.

It calls for the US government to make free speech and freedom of expression a priority, and to support free media.

Mr Karp and Mr Chantel are the latest celebrity to express their support for free speech on social media.

Comedian Sarah Silverman and actor Stephen Colbert have both expressed their support online.

Comedians Louis CK, John Oliver and John Mayer have also said they are against censorship.

Mr Choppell also tweeted that he was not in the US at the time of the attack and was able to reach Mr Chapell.

“I was not attacked, I was not harassed.

I am not going to go into any details because I am afraid of reprisals.

The truth is I was there and did nothing wrong,” Mr Tipton said.

Mr Karmen was not at the US Embassy in Australia on Thursday when the incident occurred.

“I am aware of the allegations against me and I have spoken to my lawyer, and we will work with the police,” Mr Jarmen said.

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