By Simon Bagnall, Business Insider The summer of 2018 was one of the most memorable in recent Australian history.

It’s also one of my favourite years of Australian history, so it’s fitting that the Australian summer is the best time to take a look back on some of the best events that happened over the summer.

This year’s Australian summer brought with it a few good events, as well as a few bad ones.

But there was something very special about the Sydney Opera House Opera House, which opened on the first night of the summer in July 2018.

The Sydney Opera Theatre was the only venue in the world to stage the opera, with performances starting on the very first night and continuing through the summer months.

This made for a truly unique experience for the public.

Sydney Opera House opens its first night with a live performance from the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and the Sydney Ballet.

The performance was performed by the Sydney Chorus, who played a live version of the song The Girl Who Cried Wolf.

It was a beautiful performance by a very talented group of musicians, with the Chorus being a fantastic performer.

The Sydney Opera also hosted a live music performance from a local band, The Flamingo Boys, which was performed at the Opera House on the second night of July.

During the day, the Opera house hosted a variety of events, including a street fair and a dance event, all of which are great places to watch a great dance party.

Another fantastic event was a film festival, called Film Australia, which kicked off on the third night of June 2018.

This was a celebration of film and the Australian film industry, and included a screening of the Oscar-nominated film My Love From the Dark Side of the Moon.

This festival is very well documented online, with a video showing the film’s opening sequence and an online guide to it.

There are a few events going on in the Sydney suburb of North Sydney in July.

It is a busy time for the locals, and it’s a great place to get out and enjoy a day out in town.

I also recommend a visit to the Sydney Aquarium, which has been a great source of information about marine life for me over the years.

Finally, the Australian Summer Festival in August is a great way to catch up on a few of the great Australian summer events.

While the festival has many great events happening, I’m sure that many of you will be missing some of them.

It can be a very difficult time to go out to a few different events during the summer, especially for those who have been doing a bit of research online.

The Australian Summer festival in Melbourne has a lot of great activities happening during the month of August, including live music, art exhibitions, food and much more.

If you are a festival goer, then you should definitely check it out.

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