The U.S. is a destination country for Cubans, with more than three million Americans living there and many moving to the U.N. refugee agency in the hopes of a better life abroad.

But as the country grapples with a surging murder rate and an escalating wave of migrants, the exodus is becoming a source of anxiety and uncertainty.

In a nation where millions live on less than $2 a day, many Cubans who are fleeing a country that has one of the world’s highest homicide rates are worried they will be stranded.

Some of the families who have arrived to escape the violence and crime are not being welcomed back, even though many say they want to return.

Read more here: Cuban migrants arrive in U.K., Australia, Canada, Mexico as Trump orders review of U.

Ns. status, migration bureau reportThe U.s. has become a destination for Cuban migrants, with many moving from Cuba to the United States as Trump tries to ease a wave of new arrivals.

While Cubans have made the majority of the new arrivals to the country since Donald Trump became president in January, the government is trying to identify them.

The U,s.

Department of Homeland Security has said it has identified 1,500 Cubans from other countries who were trying to make it to the continental United States in recent months.

But that number does not include some Cubans whose families have left, many who have returned to the island as their families have become more desperate.

Some have been forced to leave, while others are fleeing violence or have fled because of an economic crisis in their home country.

Cubans are fleeing an economic and political crisis that has seen a sharp drop in the price of food, medicine, and basic necessities such as housing.

And that economic hardship is having an effect on Cubans’ daily lives.

“It’s very difficult for people to get food.

It’s very hard for them to get medicine,” said Rosa Guzman, who arrived in the U

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