A popular Argentine tradition has long been to wear marble shower masks and wigs, which are adorned with images of colorful flowers and animals.

Now, the city of Buenos Aires is introducing a new cultural practice, where people can buy an embroidered dress, which has a marble motif, for $50.

The dress, called a pazona de mujer, or dress of flowers, is embroidered with a pattern of the word mujero, or pearl.

The $50 dress was created by a local artist, Cristina Rodriguez, and was created in the style of a traditional Argentine embroidery.

“It is a traditional mujeros dress,” Rodriguez said.

“I wanted to do something with it, to represent the essence of the mujera, or the beauty of the people.

It is an image that is part of our heritage, part of the city.”

The dress was made for the first time in the city in late May, when hundreds of people lined up outside the National Museum of Art, in the heart of Buenos Aneles.

It was a public performance that coincided with the arrival of the newly minted Argentine President Mauricio Macri, who was inaugurated on May 22.

The President said the country would continue to work towards the elimination of poverty, and the country was celebrating its centennial on May 24.

“I want to send a message of hope to the entire world that Argentina is on the path to achieving its goals,” Macri said.

Rodriguez said she is not sure how many people will wear the dress, but she believes it will be popular with the public.

“We hope that it will inspire people, that it may also encourage people to make new projects, because the world has a problem with inequality,” she said.

“But we also know that there is a demand, so we are going to continue to create this project, to continue the work of the Argentine people to achieve the objectives of the economy, of the social and cultural rights of the country.”

Rodrigenez hopes that the new project will help her create more art, and she plans to bring her work to Buenos Aires, as well.

“The work of my work is the work that will be done in the next year,” she added.

“But for sure, I have to think about the future.

I have the idea of the project, the idea to make more work, so I will start with that in the future.”

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