New Scientist has uncovered a story of childhood joy in the form of the popular song “You’re So Cool” – which is now in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the first music video ever to reach the top ten in a single genre.

The video was first released in the UK by the Radio 4 music show Kids in a Box in 2012.

It is a tune with a distinctive sound which has since gone on to become a favourite amongst children.

The song was composed by musician, singer and songwriter Nicky Minaj and first appeared on the Radio 3 show You’re So Awesome in 2013.

The Radio 4 show You’ve Got to Go on TV on BBC Two is broadcast on Sunday nights from 9pm.

The band also released the single You’re A Rockstar in 2016, which reached number one in the US and number one worldwide.

It was released on a double CD which included original music from the song and an album containing new material, including a cover of Beyoncé’s smash hit “Formation”.

The song, written by Nicky, was inspired by a trip to the beach on a family vacation with her parents when they were young.

“We just wanted to capture the feeling of that moment, when you’re so young and just feeling so good and feeling so free,” Nicky told New Scientist.

“I wanted it to be an adult experience for me.”

The song also features a video of the band performing at a music festival with Minaj singing the line “You look so cool on stage”.

The lyrics were originally written by Minaj herself and she was inspired to write them after reading about the song on Twitter.

“The song is about a very personal moment where you’re doing something and you get so caught up in the moment and it’s not even really a moment you’re going to be remembered for but a moment of the moment,” she said.

“When you’re feeling like you’re in a song, you’re not really thinking about what it’s going to say next.

It’s really about that moment and I wanted it so that I could get that feeling back.”

The video has been viewed over 2.7 billion times and was included on the first track of the 2016 album You’re All I Need.

“This is a very emotional song,” Nickie said.

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