Guatemala’s Olympic squad has a chance to show it’s not as stale as it looks as the hosts of a World Cup qualifying match look to extend their winning streak in Group B with a win over the USA on Saturday.

The Guatemalan men will try to extend a two-game winning streak over the U.S. and Colombia as they attempt to secure a berth in the 2019 World Cup.

The U.K. and Mexico are in the second round.

Guatemala’s Olympic team has won four games in a row, with the team’s record at the Olympic Games at home having been tied at 0-1 in the first two rounds of qualifying.

The team has scored two goals in each of its past two games, with Guatemala’s first goal coming in the 3-2 win over Honduras in July.

It is the first time the U-17s have played in the Olympics since 2011.

Guaymas head coach Miguel Gaitan said the team was not disappointed with the result.

He said it is a big step for the team, which had to play the second-place team twice in the group stage.

“The boys have done great.

They are a really good team, and it is great to be back at the Olympics,” Gaitans team captain Luis Pinto said.

“We are excited to come back.”

The U.R.A. team, with a record of 1-2-1, will try for its third straight World Cup appearance as it will face Trinidad and Tobago on Saturday in the opening match of the qualifier.

Trinidad and the Urawa Reds are in third place in Group A.