Posted October 06, 2018 07:19:00A reader on this blog, named Mandy, has written a very informative piece on why it’s so hard to wear socks in the 21st century.

In particular, the socks are not fashionable.

The reason?

Because they are so comfortable, they’re not uncomfortable, and they don’t fit.

Mandy is a fashion designer, and her socks are meant to look and feel good.

They’re not for people who want to look nice, but they’re also not meant to be fashionable.

It’s not because they’re ugly, either.

They look like good-looking, sturdy, well-made socks.

But, as Mandy puts it, people who wear socks for fashion are not being fashionably hip, they are being fashion-y.

Socks aren’t for people to be stylish or trendy, but for them to be comfortable, stylish, and fashionable. 

In other words, you don’t have to be a fashion model to be trendy, fashionable, and cool.

That’s the point.

The point isn’t just that you shouldn’t wear your socks.

The point is that you shouldnt be comfortable in them.