‘Black Lives Matter’ singer is ‘a feminist icon’ after being accused of racism

Black Lives Matter singer D’Angelo Barksdale has been accused of “racism” after he was photographed by the rapper in New York City on Thursday and was pictured wearing a T-shirt bearing the hashtag “Ferguson is my city”.

Barksdale was photographed wearing a black T-shirts emblazoned with the phrase “F— Ferguson”, an image that was quickly removed from social media.

The New York Times reported the rapper is a vocal supporter of the Black Lives Matters movement, and has a history of speaking out against police brutality.

However, the singer’s spokesman confirmed the image was taken on Friday, the day after the rapper was photographed.

“D’Angelo has a long history of being a vocal advocate of justice for all communities of color, and is a staunch defender of the human rights of all people,” the spokesman told CNN.

“In light of recent events, he felt it was important to publicly express his support for the Black communities in New Yorkers.”

The statement from Barksdal’s spokesperson said the rapper “has a long and varied history of supporting the Black community and the police.”

“He has never personally witnessed any instances of police violence,” the statement said.

“We will continue to support all communities and individuals who are struggling with racism and other forms of discrimination.”ABC News has contacted Barksden for comment.