It’s not hard to find people who think that Samoan heritage is a curse.

The ancient Samoan people, whose name means “children of the sky,” are thought to have descended from a small island nation, called Oka, that once existed in the Pacific Ocean.

But a group of scholars say that the Samoan religion, a mixture of Christianity and Islam, was born in the Middle East, and that the religion is far older than the ancient Samoans themselves.

It also is far more diverse than Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism, and even some of its own indigenous peoples, according to the researchers.

Some argue that Samoas religion and culture are theologically similar to Christianity, but there is disagreement about which traditions are more ancient.

The Samoan Culture and Identity (SCI) project, led by the Smithsonian Institution, is seeking to find out whether Samoan culture is still so alien, or is it somehow connected to the larger Samoan community.

In the study, researchers at the National Bureau of Economic Research and the University of Oxford looked at three key questions: Is Samoan society really a mixture or a single entity?

Is Samoian culture still so “alien” that it has been forgotten?

And is Samoians culture a product of the Middle Eastern influences it bears?

The SCI team conducted more than two decades of research on the Samoons history, culture and religious beliefs, including interviews with over 2,000 Samoan speakers.

In interviews, the participants described how they thought about their own religion, and their own culture.

The SCIs findings showed that Samoa people, like the Samos, have different religious practices, rituals and beliefs.

In addition, there are distinct differences in how Samoains beliefs and customs have evolved over time.

In contrast, Christianity and Buddhism are universal and have been the norm for centuries, the SCIs research found.

In recent years, Samoaks have begun to question some aspects of their traditional beliefs, particularly in terms of the nature of the world.

But they have remained open to new ideas, said SCI senior scholar Robert Schuman, who is leading the SCI project.

“I think Samoanas are a diverse group of people,” he said.

“We are still very much in the process of determining what that diversity is.”

The researchers are still trying to understand the origins of Samoan identity, but Schuman said that they believe Samoan beliefs are part of a long-standing relationship with the land.

“There are similarities in the way they think and how they think about the world, in their religion, their traditions, their languages, their culture,” he explained.

“The similarities and the differences that are there are so deep that they are more than just a linguistic similarity.”

But the SCAs findings also revealed some important differences.

The researchers found that the religious beliefs of Samoahs are often held by their own people.

They are not a monolithic group.

“People are very much interested in their own identity,” Schuman told

“And what is more, the Samoa community, especially Samoawe, is very much a community that is a product or product of that community.”

This is one of the major findings of the study.

It’s an interesting way of looking at what people are really doing and why they are doing it.

The findings also show that the ancient culture of Samoa was a complex mix of multiple traditions and religions.

For instance, the researchers found the Samawee had a mixture in beliefs about the origins and purpose of the universe.

Samoan Christianity has been found to have a deep link to Christianity in ancient times, as well as to Buddhism, which has been seen as a part of the same tradition.

And Samoan Buddhism, while it is part of Samonas culture, is not widely accepted by Samoana Buddhists.

The study also found that there were significant differences in the ways people viewed their ancestors.

Some people believed that Samoos ancestors came from Africa, and were later converted to Christianity.

But others believed that their ancestors came to the island and became Muslims, and some people thought that the islanders had descended from an early African people.

The people that we know as Samoan are diverse, and we all have a role to play in the shaping of our own identity.

“It is not the case that there are two distinct groups, or that all Samoan groups are the same,” Schumann said.

In fact, the research showed that there is a very large difference in the beliefs and practices of different groups.

For example, some Samoan Buddhists believed that the islands of Samos were inhabited by animals, while others believed they were inhabited mainly by humans.

The differences are apparent, but it is the way in which the groups think about their ancestors and the way their beliefs are formed that really is telling.

For some, their ancestors lived in

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