‘I have a lot of respect for the Hispanic community’: Trump says he’s open to ‘cultural pluralization’

In a speech to Hispanic Heritage Month, President Donald Trump touted his support for “cultural pluralist” policies.

Trump has said he wants to work with Hispanics to combat the “dysfunctional” United States immigration system and encourage more “self-determination.”

The president also said he was open to “cultural responsiveness” as a way to better “understand” and understand cultures.

“I think we need to get more of the people that are coming into our country through the legal system,” Trump said.

“And we also need to recognize that we are going to have a much bigger problem in terms of the culture of this country if we don’t have the people coming through.”

He added that the United States was “getting out of control” in terms the immigration system.

“We’re going to need to do a lot more cultural sensitivity,” Trump added.

“The culture of our country is going to be a very, very tough one, but I think we’re going do very well.

I think that’s what you’re going get.”

In his speech, Trump cited the example of Mexican immigrants who have “gone back to their families, gone back to where they belong.”

“So many people have been able to make a tremendous contribution to this country and we have so many people that came here, have gone back, and made a tremendous impact,” he said.

Trump’s speech comes as the administration is grappling with the issue of “sanctuary cities” that allow undocumented immigrants to be released without fear of being deported.

Many of these cities have refused to comply with ICE requests for information and information on immigration status.

In February, the Department of Justice released a report detailing “sanctuaries” in which undocumented immigrants were being released and given back “a significant amount of money” to pay for their own legal costs.

Many people who are in these sanctuary cities are being deported, and Trump’s comments suggest he is trying to use the situation to pressure states to change their policies on sanctuary cities.

Trump said during his speech that he has already met with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto about the issue.

“If you’re looking at my record on immigration, you’ll find that I’ve had great relations with Peña,” Trump told the crowd.

“So we’re working on it.”

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