When a Latino teacher is accused of sexual misconduct, it can hurt students

The teacher who was accused of inappropriate conduct with a student has been fired from a Catholic school in California.

The incident happened in January and the accused student has since been expelled from the school.

The story is now making the rounds online.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a Latino school district in Los Angeles has found out that the accused teacher had been terminated for allegedly inappropriate conduct.

The district has also been told that it was notified by the school of the sexual misconduct.

A school district spokesperson told ABC News that the district is investigating the case and is waiting for a response from the accused teachers lawyer.

“It’s very unfortunate and unfortunate that a district could have a relationship with the teacher that had been so toxic,” said Michelle R. DeLeon, a spokeswoman for the district.

“Our school is a safe and inclusive environment, and we have no tolerance for this type of behavior.”

It was previously reported that the alleged incident happened at the Los Angeles Unified School District, and that the school district was aware of the alleged incidents.

The school district says that the teacher was terminated for alleged inappropriate conduct, but they say that they have no record of the case.

De Leon says that they’re “not looking for anything to corroborate” the allegations, and they don’t believe that the student is involved in any way.

The woman involved was a teacher at the time of the incident, and the LAUSD is reportedly investigating whether the district was negligent in not contacting the teacher for more than one week after the alleged sexual encounter.

Raul Rodriguez, the attorney for the accused, said that the accusations were false.

“The accuser never met the accused,” Rodriguez told ABC.

“She was never in the classroom with him and never had sexual contact with him.

It’s completely untrue.”

The school board has not yet responded to ABC News’ request for comment.

ABC News is following up on this story as it develops.

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