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The most famous culture icons in Jamaica are all here: JAMAICA’s most famous cultural landscape

JAMAICANS have long been known for their beautiful landscapes.

But what’s more famous than the country’s breathtaking mountains, beaches and seaside resorts?

What are the most famous places in Jamaica?

Here are some of the most recognizable names in the country, from the most iconic to the most forgotten.1.


The Rivington Gardens.

A beautiful natural landscape that stretches for several miles from Jamaica’s easternmost town, the Rivingtons, to its westernmost resort, the Cape Town.

The sprawling gardens, created in the 17th century by the Dutch-Canadian Dutch-Nigerian Dutchman Robert de Rivingt was an integral part of the island’s colonial legacy.

It’s now home to the Museum of Colonial and International Art.2.


The Jones family is a family that was the first to establish a formal residence in Jamaica.

It is known as the ‘Habitat of the Joneses’, and it has since become a thriving business and cultural hub.

The site was the birthplace of the colonial government, the first in Jamaica, in 1780.

The family lived there until they were forced to flee after their homes were looted and burned in the British-Dutch colonial era.

The estate is now owned by the Jones family, which is currently running the family business, which also includes the Jamaica International Film Festival.3.


The Grand Tramp, which stands for Grand Place, was a popular destination during the colonial era, where it was used by many Jamaicans to escape from their troubles in their home country.

The Tramps are also known for having a number of famous landmarks including the Royal Palace, the Royal Gardens and the Royal Chapel.4.


The Temple of Rabble is an ancient, UNESCO World Heritage Site, which contains some of Africa’s oldest monuments, including a number that date back to the 1770s.

It also contains the famous Great Mosque, the oldest mosque in the world, which was built during the reign of King Solomon.5.


The National Penitentiary, in Port-of, Spain, was the site of the first trial in modern times in 1789, and it’s now a popular tourist destination.

It was originally set up as a prison for slave-holders, but it later became a centre for the rehabilitation of escaped slaves.6.


The Gulf Canyon, located in the Gulf of St Lawrence, is one of the world’s most scenic and beautiful places, with an amazing panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean.

The canyon has been designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO.7.


The Havana Department, the main post office in the Caribbean island, is the official residence of the Cuban government.

It has also hosted many important events over the years, including the 2012 Olympic Games, the 2012 Caribbean Winter Games, and the 2012 Summer Olympics.8.


The Woodland Landsmark in Vancouver, British Columbia, is a natural wonder that is one kilometre wide and nine metres tall, and features the world-famous Woodland Park.

The landmark has been known to inspire many visitors and residents of Vancouver, including Justin Bieber, to visit the area.9.

THE OLD BIRD SHOP (Canada and U.S.)9.

The Old Bird Shop in downtown Toronto was the largest outdoor bird store in North America until the opening of the Toronto Zoo in 1989.

The shop, which still exists, is famous for its iconic bird display, and is also home to Canada’s largest collection of bird nests.10.


The London Bloodstone, which sits on the banks of the Thames River, is also known as a British monument, and also boasts the world famous London Bridge, the famous statue of St. John the Baptist, and a number more iconic landmarks.11.

THE CLARK FARM (Scotland)11.

The Clark Farm in the village of Glasgow is a popular gathering place for Scottish farmers, whose farm has a rich history dating back to 1770.

The farm was one of Scotland’s first to be established, and was named after the Scottish leader, James Clark, who was a Scottish nobleman.12.


The New York Place is the home of the iconic New York City skyscraper.

The building is located in Midtown Manhattan, and houses the offices of the New York