A beautiful, handmade countertop is just one of the things that a few lucky customers of Greek culture are getting in return for their hard-earned money.

The Greek culture-themed countertops are on sale for $2,800 and include three different marble pieces, all made by a Greek artist who worked at a company called Golden Grit.

The pieces, called pithos, are meant to help you feel loved and welcomed.

It’s a concept that has made its way to other markets like Target, Target Kids, and the Kohl’s department store in the U.S. According to the company’s website, it’s a “unique way to express gratitude for the kindness of our friends and family.”

Golden Gripthe also makes a range of other products, including an anti-aging facial spray, a makeup brush, and a soap.

The products are designed to make you feel “more alive, confident, and in control,” the company says.

“These are timeless items that help to enhance your overall mood.”

And they’re all handmade, of course.

“Each marble piece is handcrafted, hand carved, hand hand-painted, and hand finished,” the website says.

But in order to get the most out of the marble, Golden Gretsh is going to have to spend a lot of money.

In the past, Golden Pithos have come with a 30-day money back guarantee.

But now, that guarantee is gone.

In order to use the countertops, you’ll need to pay a $3,500 installation fee, and you can only buy one at a time.

It may sound expensive, but it’s well worth it for the beauty it can do.

For the price, you get the ability to feel loved, welcomed, and accepted.

“There are no refunds, so we would advise people to just spend it on something they really like,” Golden Gresthe told NBC News.

“That way you’re really getting something you really want, and it’s the right time to do it.”

Golden Piths can also be used to create personalized messages, which can be personalized to any customer.

“We have an extensive selection of personalized messages,” the Golden Grethes website says, adding that the marble pieces are also available in “classic” styles.

But since you’re only paying $2k to $3k for one piece, you can make the most of the countertop.

“It’s a great way to make a personal touch, and people love that,” Golden Peth said.

“They love to see that.

They love to know that their friends and their family is there.”

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