The Irish Government has launched a new curriculum, designed to make learning more culturally responsive, and aims to help students and teachers.

The new curriculum is the first of its kind to be developed by the Department of Education in the UK, and is intended to help pupils and teachers “understand and communicate” with the cultures of their country.

It is designed to help people from different cultures to learn about each other and to understand the different cultural traditions that make up their communities, with a focus on English and French.

Students will be taught to use the English language, but also the Gaelic language and the Irish language.

It will also introduce an approach to culture and history, with lessons on Irish history, and on Irish society.

The curriculum will be developed using an interdisciplinary approach to teaching, with the aim of incorporating the different disciplines into the curriculum.

The department says the new curriculum will “help students and teaching professionals understand and communicate with the cultural traditions of their own country, and with those of other countries around the world”.

The curriculum was developed as part of a collaboration between the Department and the British Council and has been developed using the BCSB project to produce a framework for cultural competence.

It is part of the government’s broader approach to cultural competency, which includes the new Cultural Competency Framework, the Government’s own guidance for teaching students.

This year’s curriculum will also help to bring in more people from other cultures.

It includes courses in the Irish Language, Irish and the Gaelics.

The Department says the curriculum is designed “to support the development of cultural competence, skills and values in a range of contexts and to prepare students for careers in teaching, teaching and learning”.

The department says that it aims to support a “national and global conversation about how to build a better world for future generations”.

“This curriculum will ensure that our students are educated about the different cultures and backgrounds of Ireland and the UK,” it says.

Irish Independent

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