1 / 0 Hindu temple in Kolkata, India, has installed a statue of the Goddess of Peace, the Goddess who protects women from men.

The temple has installed the statue of Goddess of Protection, a female deity.

The Goddess of peace was venerated in India and Sri Lanka, and has also been revered by Buddhists.

The statue of Hindu Goddess of Love is the first in the country to be erected at a temple, in a city where the city’s religious tradition has a strong Hindu component.

The statue is being erected at the Bhaskar Shree Shastri temple in the city.

The goddess has been worshipped by the local population in Bhaskari Shastra, a community of more than 200,000 people that was settled in the ancient city of Kolkatta in the 11th century.

It is said to have sprung up in the area around the temple, but it is believed to be an invention of later times.

The temple has not given any reason for its installation.

In its statement, the temple said the Goddess was chosen because of her ability to protect women from the male element.

The story goes that in ancient times, there was a male deity called Ganesha, who was known for his lustful nature.

The story goes he was worshipped in the temple of the god, who is said by Hinduism to be a man.

In the late 11th and early 12th centuries, Ganesa was worshipped by Muslims and Christians.

The latter also believed that he was a demon.

The Goddess of Justice was worshipped also by Muslims, but in Kollam, the community worships the Goddess in the form of a female.

“She is a female being who is not a male being, but who is a protector and an embodiment of virtue,” said Abhinav Dasgupta, who heads the Bhakti Jagrani Temple, a group of temples in Kondapuram.

According to the temple’s website, the statue is meant to remind people of the role of women in society.

“The Goddess is seen as a person of great responsibility.

She is a healer, a guardian, a protector of the innocent, a symbol of the virtuous, a guide to the virtuous and a symbol to the enlightened,” the website said.

In a country where more than three-quarters of the population is Hindu, the issue of the LGBT community is not only a personal matter, but also a societal one.

In 2015, the government announced that it was initiating a ‘zero tolerance’ policy against LGBTI crimes and harassment, which included the adoption of a definition of sexual orientation.

The government said it would include the sexual orientation of a person in its anti-discrimination policy, and was considering introducing a gay-straight alliance as well.

In the same year, the United Nations General Assembly passed a resolution that called for a “zero tolerance” approach towards LGBTI people, saying they “pose a threat to the fundamental rights of the persons and communities in need”.

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