China’s “bacterial” culture shock: How China’s pandemic has changed its cultural outlook

By The Associated PressWASHINGTON (AP) — China has had a cultural revolution since the end of the Cultural Revolution in 1966.

Now, China is going through one more as its health system struggles to cope with an unprecedented wave of cases of bacterial infections.

Its authorities are trying to contain the spread of infections through a range of measures, from using anti-infection drugs and screening workers, to keeping people out of the air and making public transportation more efficient.

A recent study from China’s Ministry of Health and Family Planning (MOHFP) found that in March, 1.2 million new cases of coronavirus were recorded in the country, more than the number of people who died from it in the same period last year.

The new figure was nearly double the previous high set in June, when 1.7 million cases were recorded.

China’s government said the latest figures showed the country’s total cases had exceeded 20 million, up from 11 million in June.

China has seen an epidemic of coronovirus cases, with an estimated 2 million cases in the first three months of 2017, according to the World Health Organization.

The World Health Association estimates that more than 6 million people are living with coronaviruses.

It has called the virus a global pandemic that has killed more than 12 million people and forced more than half the world’s population to flee their homes.

China began releasing coronaviral data in September after a public health agency said the virus could be spreading rapidly.MOHTP said on its website the virus had been found in 3.5 million people, including 9 million adults, and 3.2 billion infections.

The infection rate is currently at 9 percent, up slightly from 9 percent in mid-March.

The rate has been rising for months and could hit a peak in September, it said.

There were more than 3 million cases of pneumonia, the official Xinhua news agency reported on Thursday, with a total of 3.9 million people showing signs of respiratory infections.

The new numbers showed an alarming increase in the number who are dying from the disease.

According to China’s health ministry, 2,800 people died of the coronavirochetic illness on March 17 from coronavarials in the southern province of Shandong.

That was the highest number since March 2015.

The official Xinjiang news agency also reported the death toll rose to 2,850.

In April, China had a new high with 1.8 million deaths of the disease, but that number was revised up to 1.9.

The latest figures suggest the death count could rise further.

The latest numbers come as the country is battling the virus, which has infected nearly half of its people.

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