The People’s Republic of China has officially launched its “New Year’s Day” celebrations in an attempt to put on an upbeat face ahead of the end of the Lunar New Year celebrations on March 7.

But on the streets, it has been the Chinese government that has been causing the most concern, with its aggressive campaign of public protests against the official celebratory events, which are seen as a show of power by Beijing, leading to an estimated 20,000 deaths.

What is China?

As the world’s most populous country, China has a long history of suppressing dissent, but the country has also become increasingly assertive on the world stage, and has been accused of conducting widespread human rights abuses, including detaining activists.

While China’s Communist Party is officially the country’s governing party, its leaders have the ability to change the constitution in order to further their interests.

China has been cracking down on dissent since the 1970s, and its leaders, led by the Communist Party, have used public protests to try and shape the nation’s politics and to influence public opinion.

Some Chinese authorities have been using the public protests as an opportunity to assert their power over the country.

But while many of the protests are peaceful, some have turned violent and caused a major number of deaths.

Many Chinese citizens have been protesting against what they see as a government crackdown on dissent, and they have been attacked by the authorities.

Chinese officials have also used the public events to push their own version of the narrative that the Chinese Communist Party has a monopoly on power, and that their rule is being challenged.

On Saturday, a Chinese soldier was killed in a military crackdown in Wuhan, the capital of Wuhansan province, according to a report from the state-run Xinhua news agency.

The army has also arrested several people, including the chief of the Wuhuan police force, on charges of using excessive force against protesters.

China’s military is not known to be particularly well-equipped for such a major demonstration.

But many have reported being attacked by soldiers, and a number of Chinese military officers have been accused by human rights groups of committing abuses during protests.

The crackdown has also prompted the US to withdraw a military contingent from its embassy in Beijing, and China has warned of a backlash from its own citizens if the US does not comply.

In the past year, China and the US have begun working together to improve human rights in the country, with the two countries signing a trade deal and expanding diplomatic relations.

China has also taken steps to boost ties with other Asian nations, including Vietnam and Malaysia.

But despite China’s efforts to modernise, some Chinese citizens are increasingly questioning whether they have enough to live on.

The Chinese government is reportedly trying to expand the countrys economy to meet the country s population, but experts warn that economic growth will be slow if China is unable to diversify away from coal.

Meanwhile, there are concerns that China will continue to push ahead with its own version, in which its leaders can change the country´s constitution to ensure it maintains its power.

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